Complete Guide to the TOPIK – New Format

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Complete Guide to TOPIK - The Self-Study Package

1 Are you planning to appear for TOPIK test and looking for a good Guide book that explains everything about the test and provides complete test structure and analysis, type of questions, detailed preparation tips as well as all the study material in simple and clear English?

2 Are you tired of those $20 TOPIK guide books in the bookstore that just have 100+ pages of sample questions and their (so-called) solutions and explanations, mostly in Korean?

3 Are You tired of looking for grammar & vocabulary lists, sample TOPIK papers, explanations etc on internet and wish you had everything you need to study in a folder on your desktop?

4 Are you appearing for TOPIK for the first time and have no idea about the test structure, type of questions, what and how to study?

5 Do you want to prepare for TOPIK while watching high-quality instructional videos from our team of experts in TOPIK test?

If your answer to one or more of the above questions is Yes then this self-study package is for you.

The Only Guide You need to Crack New TOPIK Test!

What you will Get

Complete Guide to TOPIK Self-Study Package includes the following:

  • 20+ Lectures /4+ Hours of Video Content analyzing and Explaining TOPIK papers
  • 15 TOPIK Self-Study Guide E-Books containing detailed preparation strategies for all 4 sections of TOPIK test.
  • Comprehensive Grammar & Vocabulary study material for all TOPIK Levels
  • 15+ Pages Guide for TOPIK Essay Writing
  • A Set of 15 Korean Language textbooks/reference books in PDF form
  • Past TOPIK Papers and Solutions in a well-organized Format
  • All TOPIK Listening Audio Files in MP3 format
  • Lifetime Access to All updated Future Editions

The Study package is focused on the New Format of TOPIK Test to be implemented from July, 2014. You will get the package for all 3 levels – Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced.

What is the Price of the Package?

We are charging 29,000 Won [$29] only for this $100+ Value study package.

You are just one step away from getting The Best Study Material for TOPIK!

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Why you should buy this

Because if you are planning to appear in TOPIK test, this is the best thing you can invest your 29,000 Won [$29] in. We can guarantee that you will be happy with your decision to get this package. If you are not satisfied with our study material, just send us an e-mail and we will refund your money. No questions asked. We are that confident about our study package.

Most other TOPIK guide books in the market are priced at more than $20 for just one section or level of the test and they just have some past TOPIK papers or sample questions and their answers. On the other hand, this study package not only gives you Question papers, their analysis and solutions, preparation strategy tips, comprehensive vocabulary and grammar study material for all the sections of TOPIK but also a 4 hours of quality video instructional material from our TOPIK expert team. Moreover, You get Lifetime Access to all future updates of this study package which means every time we update the package (And we will do that regularly), you will get it for free – right in your inbox. And the package contains study material for all 3 levels – Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced. So if you are taking beginner or Intermediate level of TOPIK now, you won’t have to spend money again to get study material for the next level. Benefits don’t end here. As a bonus, we share with you 15 best Korean language eBooks, from our own exclusive collection, that will help you learn and improve your Korean.

And by buying this package you will not only be moving closer to success in TOPIK test but you will also be helping thousands of Korean language learners around the world by supporting the TOPIK GUIDE website.

TOPIK - The Self-Study Package offer

We are also offering Expert Feedback service for the Essay writing section to all the readers who purchase this Study Package. Our experts will thoroughly check your Korean essay and give you a detailed feedback on it. The Feedback will include following points:
  • Feedback on parts of your writing that are wrong or can be improved.
  • Feedback on good and strong points of your writing
  • Feedback on overall Essay development and structure
  • Feedback on the language (grammar/vocabulary) used in the essay.
  • Expert suggestions for improvements

For Further details check This Post.

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Best Study Material For 100% Success in New Format TOPIK Test!

Why we made this study package?

We get so many mails from our readers asking us to recommend a guide book for TOPIK. And We always found ourselves in a difficult position to recommend one. Because, honestly, most of the books in the market are not very useful and have been published just to make money. And I didn’t want my readers to waste their valuable money on the useless material. So we always recommended you to to prepare with past papers and not to waste money on guide books. But we realized lately that sometimes people need a quality guide book and organized study material. Those learners with really high level of motivation and with a lot of time will definitely be able to prepare with past papers and material available here and there online. But not all of learners have that much time and energy. They want to invest the time and energy they have on real study and not on searching material and tips on Google. So we ultimately decided to put our efforts and compile this TOPIK study package.

Actually we wanted to put this complete guide on the website for free for our precious readers but there is a reason why we decided to charge for this premium content. Recently we have been working on the renovation of the site and also on the free smartphone app development. We are planning to put more and more of useful resources and features for our readers studying Korean. And for doing that, we need some financial backup. And that’s the reason we decided to sell the guide. The material that we have created is, without any doubt, the best study material for TOPIK test in the market and the value of the complete package, that we are charging $ 29 for, is more than $100. The revenue that we get from your purchase will help us work harder and make our website and app better and thus help more and more people in a more effective way. Of course we will continue to provide free content for users as well on this website as we have always been doing.

Will I have to pay again to get updated new editions of the package?

NO! All the readers who get this package will get a Lifetime Subscription to Updated Future Editions of this package. You will get all the Future Editions of this Package for Free!

What if I don’t like the study material you send me?

If you are not satisfied with our study material, just send us an e-mail and we will refund your money. No questions asked.

Okay, I want it. What do I have to do?

Just click on the Add to Cart Button and it will take you to the checkout page. You can pay with your debit/credit cards or Paypal account. If you live in Korea and prefer a bank transfer, you can do that as well. If you pay through bank transfer, please send a message to as we have to confirm the bank transfers and dispatch the Study Package manually.

  • You will get the Study Package immediately after you complete your payment.
  • If you have any questions/queries contact us by email – or Kakao – scsatyarthi


Following are some of the feedback that we have got from our readers through e-mail. You can also click on the Reviews tab on the left side of this page to see what other readers have to say about this study package. It’s really great and satisfying that we haven’t received a single negative feedback from any of you yet. If you got this package, we would request you to leave your honest feedback through email/site comments/our Facebook page so that we could improve it in the next edition.

“I will take TOPIK beginner level test for the first time in April and there are no books available in our country. Really thank you for all this effort. I especially liked the video lessons. They are really helpful.”Vimal Poudel, Korean Language Learner, Nepal
“Great work, TOPIK GUIDE. The Korean language eBooks collection is great. Though design and formatting of the TOPIK study PDF files need some work. Hope it will improve in coming updates.”Shirley, Kyung Hee University, Seoul
“I was away for the last few days, but I saw today the great package you prepared. Great job! I knew that in advance! :P”Nadya, Korean Language Learner
“Great Study Kit! As most of the material has been made from a foreigner Korean learner’s point of view, and not of just a native Korean, it’s easy to understand and it addresses the real weak points of learners. I have just started learning Korean some time back and will be appearing in July or May be October test for beginner level. This package is definitely helping me not only for TOPIK but in learning Korean in general. The collection of eBooks is amazing. Thanks to TOPIK GUIDE team. Keep up the good work.”Abhishek, Post-Doctorate Researcher, Seoul Natl’ University
“This covered everything I needed to learn from the basics on wards. If you want to learn Korean with the intention of taking the TOPIK exam. I recommend this book.”Anthony G, Review from Store page

Instant Delivery! Just Download and Start Studying!

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TOPIK Essay Writing Guide (쓰기 가이드)- Beginner Level

Click on the following link to go to the article:

TOPIK Essay Writing Guide (쓰기 가이드)- Beginner Level

Download TOPIK Question Papers with Answers

Dear Visitor! is now
More Information and study Resources in more organized and sophisticated format. Visit and share your views on everything from the design to content.

When I started this blog I had planned to put all the previous TOPIK papers on this blog. I knew that all the papers are already available for download on the official website of TOPIK; but there were two reasons for why I wanted to do so. First, for the Beginners who have learned Korean language just for a few months it is very difficult to retrieve desired information from the TOPIK site as it is entirely in Korean. And secondly I thought that it would be better to put all the relevant material available at a single place . Read more of this post

19th and 20th TOPIK Dates announced

The dates for 19th and 20th TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) has been announced. So those who could not get desired results in the last TOPIK test or those who have been planning to give it the first attempt, get ready!

The 19th TOPIK test will be held in 23 countries all over the world on 11th and 12th September, 2010 while the 20th TOPIK will be held on 7th November for Korean nationals only. In the 19th TOPIK test you can appear for both S-TOPIK and B-TOPIK but 20th test is only for S-TOPIK. Read more of this post

18th TOPIK results declared…. See your Grades online

The results of 18th TOPIK test have been announced and are available on the official site of TOPIK (

1) Go to

2) Click on “성적 확인’ icon which is in the right bottom of the page. Read more of this post

Most Common Korean Verbs

English Korean
Beat 두드리다
Bend 구부리다
Bind 묶다
Boil 끓이다
Break 꺾다
Break 부수다
Bumped Into 부딪히다 Read more of this post

10th TOPIK Question Papers with Answers

Content will be available soon. Thank you for your patience. :)

10th TOPIK Intermediate grammar & writing

10th TOPIK Intermediate listening & reading

10th TOPIK Intermediate grammar & writing ANSWER SHEET

10th TOPIK Intermediate listening & reading ANSWER SHEET

TOPIK – The Complete Guide

What is the TOPIK?

The TOPIK, Test of Proficiency in Korean, is a written test designed to measure the ability of non-native speakers for expression and comprehension in the Korean language.  There are two different forms of the TOPIK test. Read more of this post


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