TOPIK Essay Writing Guide (쓰기 가이드)- Beginner Level

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TOPIK Essay Writing Guide (쓰기 가이드)- Beginner Level

Download TOPIK Question Papers with Answers

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When I started this blog I had planned to put all the previous TOPIK papers on this blog. I knew that all the papers are already available for download on the official website of TOPIK; but there were two reasons for why I wanted to do so. First, for the Beginners who have learned Korean language just for a few months it is very difficult to retrieve desired information from the TOPIK site as it is entirely in Korean. And secondly I thought that it would be better to put all the relevant material available at a single place . Read more of this post

19th and 20th TOPIK Dates announced

The dates for 19th and 20th TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) has been announced. So those who could not get desired results in the last TOPIK test or those who have been planning to give it the first attempt, get ready!

The 19th TOPIK test will be held in 23 countries all over the world on 11th and 12th September, 2010 while the 20th TOPIK will be held on 7th November for Korean nationals only. In the 19th TOPIK test you can appear for both S-TOPIK and B-TOPIK but 20th test is only for S-TOPIK. Read more of this post

18th TOPIK results declared…. See your Grades online

The results of 18th TOPIK test have been announced and are available on the official site of TOPIK (

1) Go to

2) Click on “성적 확인’ icon which is in the right bottom of the page. Read more of this post

Most Common Korean Verbs

English Korean
Beat 두드리다
Bend 구부리다
Bind 묶다
Boil 끓이다
Break 꺾다
Break 부수다
Bumped Into 부딪히다 Read more of this post

10th TOPIK Question Papers with Answers

Content will be available soon. Thank you for your patience. 🙂

10th TOPIK Intermediate grammar & writing

10th TOPIK Intermediate listening & reading

10th TOPIK Intermediate grammar & writing ANSWER SHEET

10th TOPIK Intermediate listening & reading ANSWER SHEET

TOPIK – The Complete Guide

What is the TOPIK?

The TOPIK, Test of Proficiency in Korean, is a written test designed to measure the ability of non-native speakers for expression and comprehension in the Korean language.  There are two different forms of the TOPIK test. Read more of this post