18th TOPIK results declared…. See your Grades online

The results of 18th TOPIK test have been announced and are available on the official site of TOPIK (http://www.topik.or.kr).

1) Go to http://www.topik.or.kr.

2) Click on “성적 확인’ icon which is in the right bottom of the page.

3) On the next screen, click on the red circled part (해외 접수자 성적 확인) if you are a foreigner.   And if you are a Korean I don’t think I need to tell you. 😉

4) On the next screen fill up your registration number and date of birth in the concerned boxes and click on “성적 확인”.

5) Hold your heart and take a deep breath. Your marks will be on the screen in a few seconds….. All the Best 🙂 🙂


About Satish Chandra Satyarthi
Satish is a language researcher and blogging enthusiast. He is studying Korean Language Education at Seoul National University, South Korea.

12 Responses to 18th TOPIK results declared…. See your Grades online

  1. sumudu says:

    missed my topik exam enrollment no,i want to check my results,what should i do now,plz help me.

  2. Ere says:

    Hi, may I know what’s the next step after we check our results on the website? Will we get a certificate? Thank you.

  3. shivani says:

    Hi, Can you please tell me when the 19th TOPIK results will be published in the website. As far as I know they are supposed to be declared by now but everytime I go to the website and fill in the registration no. and dob, I get a pop up box with some gibberish in it and then after clicking ok, it just comes back to the previous page. I have installed the necessary Korean fonts and yet am unable to see what it is. Any idea? Please help me out.

    • I think the result is already there on the website.
      But as you need to put in some roll no. to check it, I am not able to check.
      If you want me to check your result, you can send me your Enrollment No. and date of birth. I will check and send your result..
      Thanks for visiting this blog and commenting..

  4. Totu says:

    Hello everyone. I want to know how I can take TOPIK exam. In which country it is possible to take this exam, I want to know

  5. sanubar says:

    Thanks dear.. I was studying korean just a hobby , but I realized that it is really interesting language I hope I’ll continue learning koean.. good lucks to you . . .

    Love to everyone preparing for TOPIK

  6. sanubar says:

    hey great thanks for this post I really appreciate this. I had 1st&2nd level exam and didnt know how to get my result. Actually my korean is awful and your post really come in hand but still there is something I dont understand can you please answer me what it means
    년도 회차 구분 총점 평균 합격/불합격
    2010 18회 일반(초급(1급)) 205 51.25 합격
    어휘 및 문법 : 56 / 쓰기 : 44 / 듣기 : 56 / 읽기 : 49

    I looked at the dictionary that “habkyok” means passed 🙂 Is it 1st level? which one is my grade there?

    BTW, good luck with your beautiful blog . . .

    • Hi Sanubar!
      thank you for visiting my blog and giving your precious comment.
      Congrats dear.. the text in Korean means that you have passed level one with 51.25%.
      Your detailed score card is like this:

      Grammar & Vocabulary – 56
      Writing – 44
      Listening – 56
      Reading -49
      Total average = 51.25%
      Passed level 1 (Beginner)
      Congrats again…………….. 🙂

  7. ORKHAN says:

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