19th and 20th TOPIK Dates announced

The dates for 19th and 20th TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) has been announced. So those who could not get desired results in the last TOPIK test or those who have been planning to give it the first attempt, get ready!

The 19th TOPIK test will be held in 23 countries all over the world on 11th and 12th September, 2010 while the 20th TOPIK will be held on 7th November for Korean nationals only. In the 19th TOPIK test you can appear for both S-TOPIK and B-TOPIK but 20th test is only for S-TOPIK.

The application forms for the 19th TOPIK test is being accepted. The application receiving dates vary in different countries. In India the application dates are 12th August-23th August, 2010 and the test will be held at two locations- Delhi and Chennai. You can check the  details of your country like application dates, names  of application receiving authorities and their contact details in the following chart. You can also contact the Korean embassy in your country or visit the official website of TOPIK for further details.

Wish you all the best!!!

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About Satish Chandra Satyarthi
Satish is a language researcher and blogging enthusiast. He is studying Korean Language Education at Seoul National University, South Korea.

One Response to 19th and 20th TOPIK Dates announced

  1. Renju says:

    Would you know where I can apply for the Beginner level TOPIK test in Chennai? Googling for it has not helped so far. I want to know how to apply and where to take the test and stuff like that.

    Thanks in advance.

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